Monday, 8 February 2016

Windows 10 annoyances

I've had a migration to Windows 10 forced upon me, and I've decided to keep track of all the little niggles I find with it. It feels like a half-finished change for the sake of change.

1) My Alt-V-D shortcut no longer works, to switch an Explorer window into Details view. Also the navigation within the window is constantly surprising me (disappointing being a better word) with how things never seem to behave quite like I would expect (being used to XP) e.g. when changing the sort order to most recent, XP takes me straight to the top (most recent) with what was the selected file being hidden off the visible part of the list of files, but using up/down arrows would take me back there to that file. With Win 10 the currently selected file remains with focus so I have to manually move the scroll bars back to the top. Ugh. And my preferred Tree View method of navigating folders doesn't seem to have the nodes expanded like I'm used to.

2) Scroll bars - why the did they reverse the meaning of the colours of bar itself and the rest of the control? I'm used to the light part being the movable bar, on a dark background. Now this is the other way around for no good reason, very confusing and irritating.

3) Start Menu  - horrible.'Nuff said.

4) Task Bar - I find it a lot easier to see what's running if the name of the program is there, now I have to stare and give it some real thought to work out what's open and which little picture means what. This is pathetic IMHO. No option to bring back the more easily read descriptions. And when I tried to eject my USB stick it was annoying to figure out which little squiggle I needed. I also have an option to eject my solid state main drive - I dread to think how things would seize up if I tried that!

5) Explorer again - select some files, then change the sort order..... whoops, there goes the selection lost into thin air. WTF?! What if you want to sort into date order, select the newest, then sort into alpha order for a quick look at other files with similar names to see if you're replacing older ones? No luck with Win 10 :(

6) Can I copy my music onto my phone and reorganise it? No..... I can copy files onto the SD card, but moving them into subfolders gives me a "Waiting.. (phone type) is busy" that never ends until I cancel it. And then the file has vanished, deleted! I now have to move files to my desktop, then move them back to the phone's subfolder, doing it in 2 steps!

7) With a Remote Desktop session fullscreen on my left screen, the taskbar is hidden. In the past I would click on the desktop on my right screen, and the taskbar would reappear. Win 10? No!

More to come, I'm sure........

Meanwhile Cortana is always imploring me to ask her anything - I'm constantly trying to resist asking the obvious question that she might find a bit insulting!

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