Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A musical interlude : Katalyst - Fusion

Isn't it annoying when you hear piece of music and Google doesn't know about the lyrics? And Shazam doesn't have it either? As a public service, here are the words that might lead you to Katalyst's track "Fusion". In return, if anyone can fill in the ????? blank, please comment with what it is, and preferably the source too! Thanks.


When you're home - what would you put on your sound system?
You hear that? Yeah.

Don't give ?????? Give it to me!

Well as you can tell, it's not all funk.
It's a fusion.
Funk fusion.

This recipe includes includes a tablespoon of rock, and a tablespoon of funk, simmering over jazz.

It's a fusion - just just like it said, of all those type of different musics.

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